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Name: Carrissa Smith, HerbanDoula

Website: www.herbandoula.com

Phone Number: (435) 574-4226

Zip: 84720

Counties: S. Utah

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Bereavement Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Placenta Encapsulation, Breastfeeding Consultation, Belly Binding, Sibling Support, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula, Bereavement Doula

About Me: I provide fertility, birth, and postpartum doula services, childbirth, parenting, and infant care education classes, lactation support, placenta services, herbal remedies and treatments, and Reiki healing and training to families in Southern Utah and Mesquite, NV. My goal is to educate, encourage, and empower you during this exciting time in your life with information, as well as physical and emotional support. I want you to have the best experience before, during, and after your new addition arrives. Whether you're trying to conceive, just found out you're pregnant, your due date is fast approaching, or you've just had your baby, I can help you find strength in your birth and gain confidence in your parenting skills. I can provide education and support so you can make the right choices for your family and your baby. It is never too late to receive the professional support you deserve.

Name: Sariah Wight

Phone Number: (435) 590-7150

Zip: 84310

Counties: Weber/Davis

Primary Service: Postpartum Doula

Name: Julia Jeffery

Website: http://www.wasatchdoulas.com

Phone Number: (801) 913-6830

Zip: 84109

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah, Tooele, Summit, Wasatch

Primary Service: Bereavement Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Sibling Support, Postpartum Doula, Bereavement Doula

About Me: I live in the foothills of Salt Lake City with my husband, 4 beautiful children, and a son that was stillborn in 2006. Our 17 year old son has Type 1 Diabetes and we adore his diabetic alert dog, Iris.

I consider myself an accomplished baker and eager traveler. My inquisitive nature paved the way for my expertise in postpartum care of the whole family as well as a focus in newborn care. With a passion for my profession, I inspire confidence by giving you the facts and respecting your choices. In our postpartum practice, Wasatch Doulas strives to provide evidence-based, practical solutions for your family's needs.

After working in the medical field for over 17 years, I gained experience in specialties ranging from ophthalmology to orthopedics before discovering my cherished role as a doula in 2012.

I provide professional, honest care to all of my clients. From sleep consulting to overnight care and everything in-between, I recognize that every family is unique and deserves custom-tailored care. Together, we will help you achieve your parenting goals.

Qualifications and certifications include:
- Postpartum, Bereavement, and Birth Doula trained and certified from DONA (expired), ProDoula, and Stillbirthday
- CAPPA advanced training: Working with Multiples
- Newborn Care Specialist trained and certified through Gentle Blessing and NCSA (since 2014)
- Sleep training from Dr. Harvey Karp (Happiest Baby on the Block), Dana Olbeman (Sleep Sense), and Summer Hartman (Summer's Sleep Secrets)
- Breastfeeding trainings include: 8 hours of lactation training from Julie Johnson, IBCLC; Natural Breastfeeding training from Theresa Nesbitt, MD
- Current CPR certification (20 years continuous)
- Current background check available
- References upon request
- Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative member at large
- Served with Share Parents of Utah from 2007-2012
- Served on the Utah Doula Association Board form 2014-2018
- Serving as PTA Treasurer 2016-2018

Name: Michelle Holmes

Website: doulaed

Phone Number: (435) 709-2775

Zip: 84032

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Wasatch

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Bereavement Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Belly Binding, Sibling Support, Childbirth Educator, Birth Photographer

About Me: I first heard the term doula when I was pregnant with my fourth but dismissed the option because it sounded like one more nurse in the room. Later, when I fully understood what a doula was, I really regretted not having one. After my personal birth experiences I decided that not only would I have a doula for baby five but I also wanted to be one, I wanted to help bring education, options, respect, rights, and validation to birthing women. And I didn’t want to stop there, with birth, I wanted to continue it into the postpartum phase and even before pregnancy and after postpartum; pretty much anytime someone needed the emotional, physical, and informational support that a doula could provide while they faced things that were new, hard, different, painful, and challenging. Doula all the things!! (We all need an in-laws doula, a car shopping doula, a potty training doula…amiright!?) I retired from a decade of running a successful preschool and started my doula adventure, training as a doula while hiring the trainer to be there as my doula for my 5th birth which I decided to do at home. The birth was absolutely amazing and it solidified my desires to do this work for others.

I am a certified birth doula through DONA and CAPPA, and bereavement and adoption doula through Stillbirthday, a certified Advanced Trained Doula through the MCU, and trained through CAPPA and MCU as a postpartum doula. I am a childbirth educator and doula mentor, and labor doula trainer for CAPPA. I believe in providing highly professional and personalized services with no agenda. I SUPPORT, I do not STEER you toward decisions or methods. I work with all choices: epidural, unmedicated, induction, hospital, home, planned Cesarean, etc. I have experience with multiples, HG, high risk, PMADs, VBAC and VBAMC, fetal position, and more. I provide a full service package that includes birth photography and pampering for mom. I would love to meet with you today to explore your desires for doula support.

Name: Angela Haymond

Phone Number: (801) 915-6162

Zip: 84129

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah, Tooele, Summit, Wasatch

Primary Service: Postpartum Doula

About Me: I am an experienced postpartum doula, specializing in infant night care for singletons or multiples. My passion focuses on offering a smooth transition into life with a newborn by providing opportunities for mom/dad to sleep through the night while I care for baby. I have been a mom since 2003, and understand the joys and frustrations of taking care of an infant with limited sleep. I am a previously certified Advanced EMT, and currently certified as a BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider. In addition to my own two children, I have recently delivered twins and a singleton as a surrogate. These specific qualifications and life experiences have made my services as a postpartum doula even more integral and meaningful.

As part of my services I will nurture the baby throughout the evening, tending to his/her every need including, but not limited to feeding and burping, changing diapers, bathing, administering medications/supplements, and performing specialty medical tasks upon your instruction.

I will care for mom and support dad, helping you transition into taking care of a newborn by offering breastfeeding/pumping support, hydration/snacks, respectful emotional support, and light housework (washing/sterilizing bottles, changing/folding laundry). I am also available during the day to run any errands you request.

The postpartum period is so unique to each family, and I cherish getting to know each of my families and supporting them during such an intimate time. There are many ways to be a parent, and with this in mind I share my experiences and research, but follow your lead and respect your choices. I look forward to meeting you and your little one!

Name: Veronica Bernard

Phone Number: (801) 413-7878

Zip: 84081

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Belly Binding, Childbirth Educator

About Me: My name is Veronica. I live in West Jordan, Utah with my wonderful husband of almost 15 years, and 5 beautiful children.I am very glad to be living in a beautiful place that has so much support and love for choosing how you want to birth.

I decided to become a Doula after a wonderful experience helping a friend labor with her miracle baby. I’ve always been fascinated by birth and everything surrounding it. Babies are the most amazing things to bring into this world and watching them grow and watching a mother find her inner strength and fire is the most amazing thing ever. I want to help women that have had a traumatic experience with birth and help them overcome their fear and have a better birth experience to treasure.

I have personally experienced 2 vaginal deliveries, 3 emergency C-sections, 1 latent Miscarriage that resulted in me choosing to give birth to her at home at 22 weeks. I have also labored at home with some of my babies. I have had good breastfeeding experiences and hard ones as well. I am glad that I was able to have the experiences I had. I want to teach and guide women that they are in complete control of their bodies and find their inner voice and take control of how they see their births.

I offer Birth Doula & Postpartum Services, Childbirth Education, Belly Binding

Name: Katie Foerster

Website: www.freyabirth.com

Phone Number: (385) 254-2416

Zip: 84057

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

About Me: My own motherhood journey took place in Stuttgart Germany. My first birth was a challenge for me, one which I was unprepared to meet and it was not easy. I walked away feeling disappointed in my body but happy to be a mother. Those difficulties motivated me to make some changes. The next time I was pregnant, I took a birth preparation course and gained some tools for labor. I rocked that birth and it was truly transformative. I walked away feeling powerful and strong. This experience inspired me to become a birth worker and help women put their feet on the path to a powerful, positive birth.
My goal as a doula is to educate, empower, and support mothers during their birth and postpartum journey.
Birth is a tremendous and transformative labor of love, ripe with both challenges and rewards. I believe in the immense power of a positive birth experience that empowers women and men to begin parenthood with joy and confidence. My goal is to help parents create positive memories of birth, regardless of the challenges that arise. I approach being a doula with a dedication to working openly with the unique perspective, abilities, challenges, and needs of laboring mothers and their support team. With an attentive and wholehearted presence, I aid women and their support team with physical and emotional comfort measures, pain coping methods, relaxation techniques, understanding of birth physiology, communication with medical staff, and supported involvement of a partner or birth companion.
I am also passionate about helping mothers to feel fulfilled and supported during their postpartum period. It is a time of great change, and many people are not equipped or prepared to handle the new burdens placed upon them. My goal is help mothers learn to become a team with their baby, to understand them and to blossom into her role as the mother of that child.

Curtis Method HypnoDoula training
Doulaed Mentorship Program
Massage and Reflexology Techniques for the Professional Doula Training
Advanced Rebozo Training
Acupressure for Labor Training
The VBAC Link Doula Training
Holding Space for Birth, Breath and Death Workshop
CAPPA Postpartum Trained Doula
CAPPA New Parent Educator Training
Recognizing and Preventing Postpartum Mood Disorders Training
Infant Massage Techniques Training

Name: Kristy Huber

Website: http://khdoula.com

Phone Number: (801) 638-3189

Zip: 84084

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah, S. Utah, Tooele, Summit, Wasatch, Cache

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula

About Me: With 25 years as a doula, I've been blessed to help hundreds of mothers in the birthing and postpartum experience. This has filled my soul! I love supporting pregnant women and helping them navigate the journey that lies ahead of them. Delivering my five children were the five best days of my life! I want to help you to make childbirth the best day of your life too.

I loved labor! I want to instill in women the desire to trust their innate abilities to birth. Child birth should not be feared but looked forward to! I am an incredible birth doula, the go-to postpartum doula in Utah, a college professor, a vocalist and pianist, a loving wife, mother and adoring grandma! Let me know how I can assist you in celebrating new life!

Call soon (801-638-3189), my schedule fills quickly.

Name: Alexandrea Ayotte

Website: https://earthtonedoula.com/

Phone Number: (435) 229-4223

Zip: 84404

Counties: Weber/Davis, Box Elder

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation, Belly Binding

About Me: I’m a wife and mother of three daughters. But first Im Alexandrea (you can call me Alex) I'm a Utah native born and raised, but I have always had the love of travel. Going new places and breathing new air is something I crave so I am always searching for the next best place. I've lived in Arizona & Nevada and we just recently found our way back home to Utah. I have a deep love for the desert and redrocks and Utahs fall weather. I became a Doula after my own experience because I found myself supporting and guiding women through their pregnancies and after baby haze, through all hours of the day. I have created relationships through social media based off motherhood and the answers I had for them. It's kinda my passion to hold and support women and it's already within me.

Name: Rickie Bryner, BS, LCCE

Website: www.babyyourbump.com

Phone Number: (385) 262-4006

Zip: 84054

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah

Primary Service: Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Childbirth Educator

About Me: I have over 14 years of experience supporting expecting families and new parents! I have a love for teaching and am passionate about providing expecting families with the information they need to make informed decisions along their journey. I've been told my calming demeanor puts new parents at ease. I also know first-hand how challenging the postpartum period can be and how critical emotional and physical support are to healing.

My biggest goal as an educator is to instill confidence in those that take my classes. I have taught Prenatal Classes for over 14 years, both in a hospital and private setting (Utah and Arizona) and am a Certified Lamaze Instructor. Lamaze has one of the most rigorous training programs for Childbirth Educators. My favorite thing is seeing mom and partner's faces light up as they feel more confident about giving birth and becoming new parents when they leave my classes!

I am also a CAPPA-Trained Postpartum Doula. I have supported many families during the postpartum period in a variety of circumstances. I led a very successful New Mom Support Group while our family lived in Arizona and enjoyed educating new moms, watching them rely on each other for support and seeing them develop lasting friendships. I specialize in helping moms that are prone to or are dealing with postpartum mood disorders. I am CPR Certified and have taught safe newborn care classes for over ten years in a hospital setting. I love helping new parents become their own baby-care experts.

In addition to my professional experience, I am a mother to four children. I have given birth four times and bring a lot of wisdom and experience personally to both my birth and postpartum work.

Name: Raquel Alfaro

Website: Starlight Doula Services

Phone Number: (801) 243-9673

Zip: 84401

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Belly Binding, Sibling Support, Postpartum Doula, Bereavement Doula

About Me: Certifications:
CAD, Certified Advanced Doula through the Midwives College of Utah
SBD, Stillbirthday Doula for supporting births in any trimester and any outcome
Belly Binding Certified through Positive Body, Mind and Baby
ICNHA International Certificate for Natural Henna Arts (in process)
Prenatal Yoga Instructor through Utah Prenatal Yoga (in process)

Additional Training Received:
Spinning Babies

Additional Services:
Belly binding, Maternity Henna, Mother's Blessing Henna, Prenatal Yoga, Sibling Doula,

Birth Philosophy:
It is an honor to be invited into the birth space. Whatever that space looks like for you, it is my role to support you to have a voice, to know you have choices, and to feel confident and supported in your decisions. When these elements are considered essential, you are set up to leave the birth space feeling empowered, feeling connected to your baby and your partner, and feeling like you are the champion of your story no matter where or how you birth.

Postpartum Services:
I love assisting families as they integrate a new little member into their lives. It can be one of the most challenging transitions a family can make. It can be especially challenging when parents are sleep deprived to handle the demands of a new baby. I assist parents with information on infant care, teach techniques for helping baby eat or sleep, and love assisting with overnight care so parents can get much needed rest. I have many years of experience working with babies and twins.

Areas served:
Ogden, Brigham City, Layton, Farmington, Centerville, Bountiful, North Salt Lake County

Name: Tiffany Bigelow

Website: snapdragondoula.com

Phone Number: (385) 214-5225

Zip: 84074

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Tooele

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

About Me: I'm a postpartum doula, and birth doula, based in Tooele. Serving and working to build a culture of support for new parents.

I have always had an interest in pregnancy and birth, but the passion really started when I was pregnant with my first child. I knew what kind of birth I wanted but had a hard time finding anyone to give me the advice and direction I was looking for to help me achieve it. In fact, when talking to others about my birth desires I was met with doubt and discouragement. So I started studying myself to be as prepared as possible. I read books, articles, and so many birth stories! The more I read the more I fell in love with all of it. Pregnancy, birth, newborns, breastfeeding; it's all fascinating to me. Then after all the preparation for my birth experience I was surprised to find the postpartum period was the hardest part. I hadn't thought of or prepared for it at all! Thus my desire to see and help mothers in this important postpartum time was ignited.

After my own experiences not only could I not stop talking about all things birth, but I knew I wanted to help other women have the support in birth and postpartum that I was unable to find. I signed up to train through Childbirth International, and began my journey as a doula! And I am currently training to be a breastfeeding councelor as well!

I love sharing my passion and helping women on their journeys into motherhood by supporting them in the choices that make sense to them, and helping them know that no matter what those choices are they CAN do it! There is nothing more amazing than the birth of a child, and the birth of a mother.

I am also a wife and a other of two. I enjoy drawing, knitting, gardening, and reading all the books!

I would be honored to be a part of your motherhood journey.

Name: Liza Blake

Website: https://www.mountainwestdoulas.com

Phone Number: (385) 439-0110

Zip: 84074

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Tooele, Summit

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula

About Me: Hi! I'm Liza. I'm so excited to get to know you, your family, your plans, and how I can best assist you in achieving them.

I hold three different classes: Confident Childbirth, Postpartum & Newborn Care Pro, and Infant Feeding 101. Throughout each, you'll learn skills and techniques that will follow you through childbirth and the postpartum period. Whether you prefer a group class or a more private setting, I have great options to help you grow and learn.

As a birth doula, I will support you throughout your pregnancy and labor. I'm prepared to help you refine your birth plan and navigate everything from knowing when you're in labor to routine protocol at your birthing location. Through labor, I am proficient in both physical and emotional comfort measures. I love supporting families through their choices - medication free, induction, epidural, or cesarean section, my birth philosophy will blend to seamlessly match your own.

This same philosophy carries over to my postpartum care, as well - whether you baby wear or absolutely love your stroller, breastfeed or bottle feed, or any mixture of the above, I'm experienced in helping you set reasonable goals, plans to achieve those goals, and then help with implementation of those plans.

Call me or send an inquiry to discuss how I can help you accomplish your family's goals through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Name: Desiree Irvine

Website: SoUtBirth.com

Phone Number: (435) 772-5796

Zip: 84737

Counties: Wasatch

Primary Service: Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Belly Binding

About Me: Hi! I am an independent midwife and traditional postpartum doula. I specialize in traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine, and offer yoni steaming, closing the bones ceremonies, in-home hamam, and postpartum meal preparation.

Name: Candace Roper

Website: www.centeredbirthing.com

Phone Number: (801) 450-1535

Zip: 84093

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Summit

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Childbirth Educator

About Me: I have had the privilege of attending births for 14 years, all while giving birth to four of my own children. I have been teaching Hypnobabies for 9 years. I am also a Mother to Mother counselor through Breastfeeding USA and love to support you in your breastfeeding goals as well.

My own four very different birth experiences have really left a lifelong imprint on me as a woman, as a mother, and as a childbirth educator and doula. I have given birth once at home and three times at the hospital, including twice by unplanned cesarean. With each of my births, I had loving and strong doulas by my side. It was through my own difficult and beautiful birth journeys, that I learned that every birth has the potential to be empowering and that hiring a doula is one of the best ways to ensure exactly that. I am happy to support you in reaching your birthing goals, whatever they may be.

Name: Rebekkah Twede

Website: www.facebook.com/rebekkahtwededoula

Phone Number: (801) 941-5551

Zip: 84067

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Cache, Box Elder

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Belly Binding, Sibling Support, Postpartum Doula

About Me: I have always had an interest in birth and motherhood but it wasn’t until after the birth of my second child that I felt a pull towards making birth work my career. I trained with DONA in 2017 and gained an even deeper respect for the birth process. I am honored every time I am invited by birthing women and their families into that sacred space.
I strive to make sure that every family I serve feels confident and comfortable with their choices during their birth journey. I love getting to know each family while we build a birth plan that is right for them.
When I am not attending births, I run an esthetics business. Very often my pampering skills are also useful in the birth room.
In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and three small children.

Name: Brielle Bernards

Website: www.thecalmingdoula.com

Phone Number: (801) 602-0911

Zip: 84058

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

About Me: Hi, my name is Brielle Bernards and I am The Calming Doula. I am a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula. My goal is to help you have a safe and satisfying birth and/or postpartum experience (however you define that). Whether this is your first pregnancy or sixth, you want to give birth at a hospital or at home, you want an unmedicated birth or GIVE ME ALL THE PAIN MEDICATION, I can help. I bring a calming presence and I’m here to bring you whatever physical, emotional, and informational support you need before, during, and after birth.

I wanted to share the reason why I became a doula (note, this next portion may be triggering to some). When I finished my first day of birth doula training, I knew that this was what I was supposed to do. I wanted the horrible things that happened to me to have a purpose, and I wanted to help others like me not feel so alone.

I didn’t become a doula to hold babies (although sometimes I get to and it’s amazing). I am a doula because I want to help survivors have better birth and postpartum experiences.

I was sexually abused in college and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of it. I talk more about this on a podcast I recorded with @risingphoenixpodcast (Episode 53). Because the PTSD is like a scar that will never fully heal, I will continue to have random flare-ups when I am triggered in my life. One of those triggers for a lot of survivors is childbirth, but it doesn’t have to be.

Childbirth can also be incredibly healing for survivors if they have the right support and have put in the work on their own (therapy). I want to help survivors feel as safe as they possibly can when they are giving birth. I want them to know that I am there to support them and to be a witness. I see them, I hear them, and I will do my best to comfort them. And if the anxiety or panic attacks come, I will be there however they need me. I will hold their hand, hold them as they cry, or whisper words of encouragement to help them ground themselves.

This can apply to any kind of trauma. Sometimes it is hard for us to let go of a traumatic experience because we are afraid that everyone will forget about it, move on, and shame you if/when you have a hard day years down the road because “you have no reason to be upset anymore.” Which just isn’t true. Your emotions are valid. Just because you have moved on and let go does not mean that the memory won’t ever bother you again. It might, and that’s ok, and normal.

You are not crazy, and you are not damaged or broken. Your trauma is only a part of your story, it does not define who you are as a person. I became a doula to help survivors have better birth and postpartum experiences. I see you, I hear you, and I won’t ever forget.

Name: Stacey Davis

Website: fb connecting hearts doula services

Phone Number: (801) 687-8073

Zip: 84501

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Bereavement Doula , Postpartum Doula

About Me: I am currently serving Carbon County, Emery County and Grand County. I recently graduated with my Masters in Social Work and am looking forward to serving mothers in my community with birth and postpartum support. I feel that this is what I am made to do. As a mom who has experienced postpartum depression, I had promptings to serve birthing and postpartum women, which is why I became a doula. I wanted to help them heal and reduce their risk of maternal mood disorders. After the birth of my daughter, and the trauma of placing her for adoption I feel as if I was pushed towards getting an MSW. I wanted more than anything to help women facing birth trauma. This preventing and healing from birth trauma is my favorite part of serving moms as a birth and postpartum doula. The ability to help moms find their voice with birth education, guiding them towards birth choices that matter to them and the empowerment that follows. I also offer birth processing and fear release services to my birth and postpartum doula practice. Fear Release and Birth Story Processing can help reduce your risk of maternal mood disorders and help you on your healing journey. To book a free interview and consultation call me today at 801-687-8073.
Birth Doula Services: $800
Postpartum Doula Services: $16/hour
Fear Release and Birth Story Processing $25/hour

Name: Beth Hardy, PCD(DONA), SCMT, MT-BC

Website: www.HeartTonesDoula.com

Phone Number: (617) 835-6353

Zip: 84115

Counties: Salt Lake

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

About Me: I am a birth doula, postpartum doula and board-certified music therapist serving families in Salt Lake County. I love working with all families including LGBTQ+ parents, adoptive parents, and single parents. I accompany families giving birth in the hospital, a birth center, or at home, and I support all types of birth. I believe it is every birthing person’s right to be educated about their birth options, and to have a birth experience that is safe, supported and empowering.

As a board-certified music therapist, I have extensive clinical training on how to use music to help people reach goals, experience deep inner connection, and process difficult emotions. I specialize in Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth, an evidence-based technique where I help expecting families incorporate music into their labor in order to experience deeper connection, confidence and strength during their birth experience. I also help parents write original songs called "womb songs" to their babies, facilitating deep bonding and connection.


Name: Holly Denick

Website: utdoula.com

Phone Number: (619) 655-0664

Zip: 84003

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Wasatch

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation, Postpartum Doula

About Me: Hello! My name is Holly Denick. I am a Boy Mom of 3 and happy wife. I was called to pursue doula training in 2020 and completed my training through Maternitywise! I am now completing my certification and pursuing Lactation Counselor certification as well. I am pleased to offer labor & postpartum doula services, lactation support, sibling support and miscarriage support. I look forward to chatting with you about how I can assist you in bringing your newest blessing into the world!

Name: Destiny S. Olsen

Website: http://www.shaunteahealthandwellness.com

Phone Number: (801) 361-9785

Zip: 84105

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula

About Me: I started my path towards being a Birth & Postpartum Doula when I attended the University of Utah in 2005. I studied in depth: Bartenieff Fundamentals, Somatics, Feldenkrais Method, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Childhood Development, Teaching Methods along with Various Traditional Dance Styles. These subject matters helped me deeply understand human development, effective ways to educate another child/adult & movement of the body.

In 2009, I graduated from the University of Utah with my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Modern Dance & Education. I started teaching in various settings through the public & private school sectors.

I received my Yoga Teacher Training through Prana Yoga Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2012. Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Mantra & Meditation work peaked my interest during training. I also fell in love with learning about Ayurvedic medicine and I continue to study at great lengths today. This year I studied through Utah Prenatal Yoga and received my prenatal yoga training. My training helped me develop new, diverse ways to keeping the body and mind connected through a balanced, realistic approach.

In 2012, I started working privately with prenatal yoga clients through the duration of their pregnancy. I wanted to ensure clients learned through the yoga scope a balanced diet, coping skills and physical comforts for during labor, delivery & the postpartum period. Currently, I am teaching prenatal/postpartum yoga classes privately and through hospital supported progams in Salt Lake City. I am also teaching Prenatal Yoga on Thursday's at Centered City Yoga from 7:30-8:45 PM.

Since 2015, I have taught healing, restorative yoga & dance classes to sexual assault survivors through UVU & HelpingSAVE. Because I am a teacher for groups healing from trauma I have taken extra therapeutic healing, anxiety reduction & suicide prevention trainings.

In 2015, I received my Birth and Postpartum Doula Certifications through DONA International. I was trained in California, one of the most progressive birth states in America. I received my CD(DONA) and PCD(DONA) accreditation from DONA International in the summer of 2016. This extra education was important to me so I could confidently educate parents on the ever-changing birth and postpartum stages with the most up to date facts and research.

I am working on my ICEA, Childbirth Education Training, and will teach at St. Marks Hospital for the 6 week Childbirth Education Classes, starting in January 2019.

I have helped many families on the road to parenthood & continue to do so whether it’s the first or fifth. I am continually studying to improving my knowledge of the body, the process of prenatal care, labor support & postpartum infrastructure.

Doula work is so important to me because it provides parents with an un-biased education and skills to having a safe, satisfying birth and postpartum experience. A supportive start into a new childs life can be the answer to developing happier children, more evolved adults, caring parents & an overall healthier lifestyle.
Knowledge is the key ingredient to self-confidence & personal power. With these things we can create a better world to live in & sustain a life that is desired and loved.

In my free time I enjoy spending my time learning, teaching & exploring. I am always on the move keeping myself actively participating in my community. I am a tea lover, always hunting for something unique to make tonics and tinctures with. My partner & I have two cats, an organic garden & a wildlife habitat with birds, squirrels, butterflies and owls.

Name: Madilyn Hurtt

Phone Number: (208) 473-6295

Zip: 84015

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation

About Me: Hi there! My name is Madi, I am 21 years old and I live in Clearfield UT! I received my doula certification from IDI this past year and am looking forward to using my knowledge and skills to help future mamas in their adventures of birth!

Name: Jennifer Norton

Phone Number: (208) 427-4750

Zip: 84341

Counties: Cache

Primary Service: Birth Doula , Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Sibling Support

About Me: Birth is a beautiful passage of meaning and importance, with unique significance to each individual involved. Parents can go through a hurdle of emotions and nuances within the experience of childbirth. With the birth of my own children, I discovered that there is a unique story about to unfold within each birth, and that the birth experience can be such a deeply reflective experience, Wich has the power to be extremely empowering. Every birth is different, every person is different, every baby is different.

What I bring to a birth is simply sincere compassion and humility to learn from you, and then assist you with competence and confidence. I feel passionate about advocating your desired birth experience, and I love to witness each unique story unfold.

I am currently serving the Cache Valley area, I am a trained Doula via DONA International, as well as a trained HypnoDoula through the CurtisMethod of Childbirth education (a childbirth course for parents which I highly recommend!). I am also a student midwife through Midwives College of Utah, and I am working towards my bachelors degree in the science of midwifery.

Please reach out and we can get to know each other!

Name: Marian Johnson

Website: www.utahpostpartumdoula.com

Phone Number: (385) 209-4126

Zip: 84065

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah

Primary Service: Postpartum Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation, Sibling Support

About Me: I am a postpartum doula serving Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Davis County. I am completing my training through Childbirth International. I have four children and a Bachelors of Science in biology and business management.