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Gwen Davis-Barrios

Phone Number: (801) 857-8679

Zip: 84604

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Wasatch

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Birth Art Therapy Services, LGBTQIA+ Support

About Me: Hello! My name is Gwen and I’m an artist, a birth doula, a learner, and a gardener. I love the color green, reading, making things with my hands, listening to people talk about things they care about, floating in cool lakes, baking, and walking at night. I'm so glad that you're considering hiring a doula, and I would be honored to witness and support your birth.

My path toward doulahood began in my grandparents’ living room when I was a child. I spent my time at family gatherings hovering around my aunts and holding their babies while they swapped birth stories and shared their experiences with women’s health. I have always been drawn to stories about birth (partially because my own entrance into the world was drawn out and difficult). I was both attracted by curiosity and repulsed by fear surrounding birth stories because I felt scared about my own birth and the story that I frequently heard that “I almost died” as a newborn. I always wanted to sit with my aunts, but I especially wanted to hold and play with their babies, who were living evidence that we had survived the rigor of being born.

A few years ago I spent a few weeks traveling alone and reflecting on the next part of my path, and I kept feeling drawn to birth. I have always loved babies, but during this time I couldn’t stop thinking about birthing parents and the powerful work they do in making life and bringing it into the world. The shift in my focus from babies to mothers felt like a profound call to learn more and a deep desire to be present in birth spaces. I came home, found myself googling “how to become a doula," and got drawn into the birth world.

In addition to practical skills, I bring a sense of calm faith that you are powerful and capable with me into the birth space. I believe in your ability and right to make empowered choices, no matter what they may be. Learning about birth as a safe, beautiful, powerful process has been healing for me (remember my dramatic entrance into the world???), and I aim to bring that healing and calm to you and your birth story.

As a doula and as a person I believe in holding myself accountable to become more anti racist and more inclusive all the time.

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