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Savanah Easter

Phone Number: (385) 312-0713

Zip: 84058

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah, Wasatch, Sanpete

Primary Service: Birth Doula

About Me: I'm Savanah! I was born in Utah but have spent most of my life moving and traveling, for work and pleasure. I have lived and worked in 6 states as well as Canada and England. While I have always been drawn to pregnancy, birth and motherhood, my passion for educating and supporting mamas through this process is recently found.

After getting married to the love of my life in November of 2018, we moved to Canada (where he was born) to begin the US immigration process. What we were told would be months turned into years and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. So.. I went down the rabbit hole of researching hormonal health, preconception health, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum healing and intentional parenting philosophies. The fire had been lit and I could not stop sharing what I was learning with family and friends!

It wasn’t until 2020 when my sister got pregnant and started actively seeking resources and support from me that I realized there is a need for doulas and a place for me in this community! I was able to work with her through her entire pregnancy and even flew down from Canada to be present for the birth. I knew from that point on that my calling in life was to be there, in the thick of it all, helping mothers through all that the sacred journey into motherhood entails. I want every woman to feel empowered and supported through their birthing experience.

In April 2021, after 2.5 years, my husband and I were finally able to move to Utah! I can now pursue this dream of working alongside expectant mothers to help them achieve the positive birth experience they have always wanted. Thank you for being part of my journey into birth work as I join you on your journey into motherhood.

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