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Liss Bryant

Phone Number: (801) 547-7041

Zip: 84010

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Utah, Tooele, Wasatch

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Birth Photographer

About Me: Hi, my name is Liss. I am so excited that you are exploring the wonderfully beneficial option of adding a doula to your childbirth team! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my qualifications and some of my personal history with you.

I completed my doula certification through both the Utah Doula Association and D.O.N.A. International and have completed a number of continuing education classes. I have attended multiple births, and every one of them has taught me something new. I have served on the Utah Doula Association Retreat Committee and am also a Utah Doula Association board member. I have gained valuable knowledge and insight and have added to my extensive list of resources while serving in those roles.

I love the human body. I love seeing the breathtaking power of a body in action, and learning how everything works. This is never more true than when I am assisting someone through the childbirth process.

My fascination with childbirth started in my Jr. High health class. Part of the curriculum was learning about the reproductive system and included a video showing a vaginal and cesarean birth. In order to watch the video we were required to have our parents sign a permission slip, and my mother chose not to for religious purposes. I was forced to sit out in the hall as the video was shown during class. My teacher, however, sensed my disappointment and that afternoon she put her job on the line. She brought me into the classroom during lunch and allowed me to view the video. I will always remember sitting there feeling awestruck and thrilled as I watched these women use their bodies to usher new life into the world. I was completely hooked, and am eternally grateful for the risk that teacher was willing to take for my education.

I studied medical assisting and nursing in college, and spent over fourteen years working in different faucets of healthcare. Eventually I tired of what I viewed as limitations, games, restraints and politics within the sector. However, I knew I still wanted to help people, and my fascination with the childbirth process was still as strong as ever. I became aware of doulas during my second pregnancy and absolutely loved and appreciated having one there for me when my son was born. I often considered becoming trained and certified myself after that, thinking it seemed like the best of both worlds. After a few years of consideration I finally decided to go for it. I completed the doula certification training and certification processes and attended a number of births before finally creating Outside The Hive Doulas.

Outside The Hive Doulas mission is to embrace, educate, assist, and support all of Utah’s wonderfully unique array of families during pregnancy and childbirth. We celebrate those individuals who don’t quite fit inside the proverbial Utah hive. We serve and advocate for unmarried parents, single parents, teenage parents, LGBTQ+ parents, and parents who drink, ink and swear. Whether you wear garments or gauges, you are guaranteed genuine love and support with us by your side.

My personal goal is to help all families achieve a safe and ideal childbirth experience, by providing them with no-nonsense, straight-forward, evidence based information and support.

I am a proud momma of three human children. I have been a single mom throughout the majority of my time as a parent. As an unmarried, bi-sexual, non-religious woman who became a mother as a teenager I have personal experience with the prejudices one can encounter if they fall somewhere outside the hive. Over the years I have learned how to be proud of my background and how to respond to those who may be uncomfortable with it.

I am a well educated, experienced, highly intuitive, insanely empathetic, crazy compassionate, moon howling, goddess praising, mantra chanting, barefoot, wild hippie. All of these traits, combined with a strong love and passion for what I do, make me an epic doula. I’ll give you honest, straight forward information and will always make sure you feel valued, respected, cared for and strong enough to handle anything that may come your way.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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