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Nancy Taggart

Phone Number: (720) 394-1518

Zip: 84025

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Cache

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation, Sibling Support, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula, Bereavement Doula

About Me:
Who am I? Mother of 3 amazing boys and 1 darling little girl. Childbirth Educator for over 13 years, and Birth Doula for 11 years. I am an advocate for parents and children. My desire is to inform parents to be educated about their options for birth and parenting. I have helped over 300 couples have a beautiful birth.

I want everyone to have a safe and fulfilling birth. When I was pregnant with my first son Joshua, I was terrified about what was to come. I must confess that I thought that I would die either from the pain or from the pain medication. I was afraid of the experience that was looming ahead of me. I was also afraid that once the baby was born, that I wouldn’t really know how to care for and nurture him the way I should.

So, I went to work. Reading books, watching birth videos, obtaining any information that I could get my hands on to find out what I was “in” for. At the recommendation of my obstetrician, I took natural childbirth classes with my husband Matt. The classes were good, but I was skeptical that I could give birth without any pain medication. I really do not do well when it comes to pain! We finished the classes and waited for the day to come, knowing in the back of my mind that I could always ask for the epidural if I needed to.

After multiple (like 20) false alarms, I finally went into labor just 3 days before my due date. Since I had had so many contractions already, I didn’t really believe that it was in labor until I had already been in labor for about 6-7 hours. It wasn’t until I was standing up on a ladder helping my husband install a ceiling fan and having a particularly strong contraction, that I realized that I should probably start timing my contractions. They were about 10 minutes apart at 8pm on June 2nd, 2002. The contractions were strong and tiring but manageable. I labored through the night, sleeping as much as I could, but still waking up periodically with an intense contraction here and there. By the morning I was working hard and needed to be upright with my contractions. I asked Matt to rub my back and help me through them. After a few hours, I thought it would be a good time to call the OB. My contractions were then 5 minutes apart, 1 min long and getting pretty intense. She said that I could wait a little while at home or I could go right in to the hospital. I felt like I should head in right away. So we drove down from Northglenn, CO to Presbyterian/St. Lukes Hospital in Denver. It is about a 45 min drive in traffic.

The drive was the WORST! Every bump and pothole in the road was awful. I arrived at the hospital around 1:30pm. When I walked up to the nurses station and told them calmly that I was in labor, they kind of gave me a “yeah right” look and took me back to the room. After a bunch of paperwork and questions the nurse finally checked my cervix and was super surprised to find that I was already at 5cm. She then told me that it would probably still be a while. Shortly after she left the room, I decided to get in the jetted tub and just hang out there for a while. Once I settled in, the contractions became more intense and I got quite nauseated. So I decided to get out of the tub. Once I did, I vomited, yay(can you hear the sarcasm?). After that, I felt a very strong bulging sensation and pressure near the birth canal. So we called the nurse back in to check. She said that I probably hadn’t changed much, but that she would check anyway. I was at 8cm with a bulging bag of waters. That is why I was feeling all that pressure!

I had one more contraction and my water broke. It was a lot of water and the pressure finally subsided for a brief moment. Then the real pressure began. One more contraction and I told the nurse that I wanted to push! She said that I wasn’t ready and that I needed to wait for the OB to arrive, she was on her way. I told her to check again! 9cm! One more contraction happened and I couldn’t control my body, it pushed for me. The nurse told me not to push but I couldn’t help it, my body had taken over! I told her to check again. 10cm! She still told me not to push because the doctor was not there yet. I told her that I didn’t care and that I was going to push anyway. I pushed for about 15 min, the doctor showed up somewhere in that time and I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!

I was overwhelmed and relieved and Matt exclaimed, “You didn’t have any drugs!” I was so amazed that it never occurred to me during that process to even ask for them. It was a hard, tiring, and sometimes intense experience, but not the awful, horrible, painful experience that I had anticipated.

My body was so very perfectly made to do this! I was so thrilled and amazed by the whole experience. I was able to breastfeed right away and keep my baby with me. I felt tired, but I also felt great! I was able to move and walk around easily after the birth.

I will forever be grateful for that experience because it changed me forever and shaped who I am as a mother. Holding my little Joshua in my arms for the first time was such a beautiful, amazing, life altering experience.

So fast forward to now. My son Joshua is now 16 yrs old and soon to be a Junior in High School. James is 14, Nathan is 11, and Aubrie 9yrs. Their births were all unique, just like the kids themselves. Each birth and each child has taught me something different about myself and about life.

What can I do for you? call me or email email me to schedule an appointment. I offer a free consultation for anyone interested in my services.

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