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Mitzi Lopez

Phone Number: (801) 839-6079

Zip: 84081

Counties: Salt Lake

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Breastfeeding Consultation, Belly Binding, Birth Photographer, Postpartum Doula

About Me: Thank you~ Thank you for allowing me to have a moment of your time to tell you why I would consider it an honor to attend your birth and be on your team. I am DONA trained and passionate about all things that lift and empower women before, during and after childbirth.

When I hear the news of someone becoming pregnant I immediately feel awe struck. Whether I know the person or not I feel joy for them, and can’t wait to hear about all of the milestones, and details of the pregnancy. If they reach out to me I feel honored with their trust in me. With each birth I have attended I see it as a “first” because each woman delivering her babe has her own story, her own trials, and her own kind of strength that makes her unique. Each partner supporting mom has their own strengths and abilities and I respect their space and will never step in the way of them accomplishing the role of birth partner.

I am the mother of five amazing humans who (with their partners) have gifted me with nine beautiful grandchildren! My husband is also kind enough to share his 3 humans and two beautiful grandsons! I refuse to use the word “step” to describe family. We share our lives and we share our loves, and I am forever thankful for each addition into our tribe!
Every pregnant woman and her partner have the opportunity to choose what type of birth they want. Of course there are times when it is medically necessary for there to be changes to the birth plan, but with education and knowledge the parents are able to be confident in deciding what is best for their baby.

My own five births were unmedicated vaginal births, and I utilized “The Bradley Method”. To be honest I was petrified by the thought of having an epidural and when I became pregnant my main goal was to avoid it at all costs! I do however see the value in medicated births, and appreciate each birth is unique to every woman. I have been present for both medicated and unmedicated births and will soon be a doula for a cesarean birth! There is ultimately one goal, and that is to birth the beautiful human who is waiting to meet you!

The “why” of my decision to be a doula was brought to me courtesy of The Universe! I was working at West Jordan Court House as a Deputy when a woman went into active labor. I took one look into her eyes and knew we were in it together! The call was made to emergency services and medics were dispatched. I found a place that offered a bit of privacy and aquired a few towels. I offered this woman support and helped her breathe through the contractions. Her body KNEW what to do! She delivered and I caught. The paramedics arrived before the placenta was delivered and I rode to the hospital with her knowing my path was forever changed.
My heart and soul are dedicated to my clients. I give you my promise I will be present and hold space for mother and partner and will give and offer all that I have to help create a “Joyful Delivery”.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an interview to see if I am a good fit for your tribe! I'm in the Salt Lake area and can attend in other adjoining areas.

joyfuldeliverydoula@gmail.com (801)839-6079 @somuchlovedoula https://www.facebook.com/somuchlovedoula/

So. Much. Love.

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