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Erika Wynn (She/Her)

Phone Number: (801) 917-7828

Zip: 84401

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Postpartum Doula

About Me: I was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and spent most of my childhood under Ben Lomond’s majestic peak in Northern Utah. I now reside in Salt Lake City with my cute dog, Nala.

I am a certified Full Spectrum Doula specializing in Pregnancy/Gestation, Birth, Postpartum, Sex, and Cycles. I work as an urban farmer at Three Squares Produce in Salt Lake and enjoy the seasonal joys of growing food. I am studying The Science and Art of Herbalism under Rosemary Gladstar and hope to marry my love of farming to that of medicine making and apply it all the work I do as a Doula. My greatest passion in life is to connect, deeply, honestly and tenderly with the world, starting first with myself, then my students, clients, family and friends, and finally with the earth.

I would say my biggest achievement in life has been to learn how to live (and thrive) as a highly sensitive person in a chaotic and often harsh, painful world. I have learned to combat the results of trauma, depression, anxiety and PTSD with grace and honesty making me someone often sought out by others for my empathy and ability to understand.

The further I peak my head down the rabbit hole of birth work, the more I realize that this work is about heart. Don’t let my size fool you, I can give a proper double hip squeeze when your back body is a callin’, however, that is not the climax of the work I do. This work is a lacing together of all that is integral to being alive. This work is so much more than fluff, it’s an unveiling of brazen hearts, it’s taking your life by the reins and running with it, new baby in arms. At this time, I am available to support individuals and families throughout early pregnancy, the third trimester to birth, and birth to the fourth trimester. You might choose me as a support person through one or all of these experiences. Let’s sit down, drink a warm drink, create a connection, and chat about how I can best show up for you at this time in your life.

I received my first certification through a DONA approved course with Kristi Rudd at The Nurturing Place in Salt Lake City, Utah. This later included a course called Supporting Survivors where I received tools to continue a trauma informed practice. I am most recently certified as a Full Spectrum Doula through Angela Gallo's Dynamo Doula Training. I am always looking to expand my knowledge to better serve my clients and have an ongoing account with Evidence Based Birth Higher Education.

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