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Erica Richardson

Phone Number: (801) 719-7879

Zip: 84045

Counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Wasatch

Primary Service: Birth Doula

About Me: My name is Erica and I am looking forward to getting to know you! I am a happy wife and a doing-my-best mother to two beautiful, energetic kiddos. I love people! I also love walking, jogging, playing the tuba, playing tennis, and playing board games with my family. I am passionate about educating, empowering, and supporting women and couples throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. I also enjoy teaching marriage and healthy sexuality classes. 

I am an extremely sensitive person. This kind of sensitivity is commonly referred to as emotional intelligence. As far back as I can remember, I have been keenly aware of how the people around me are feeling. I was the teenager who went out of my way to include the teen who was feeling excluded. I was the friend who recognized that her friend was struggling, without her friend having to say a word.

I believe in creating understanding, inclusion, and acceptance by learning about others and their belief systems. Learning and speaking Spanish and Portuguese, as well as studying Chinese, German, and American Sign Language, have all contributed to the deep value I feel for striving to respect and understand all people and their unique perspectives. Four months into my time in Brazil, I was mistaken for a native. Apparently, my sensitivity to the mannerisms and speech patterns of the natives carried into my own mannerisms and speech.

My sensitivity has not only helped me to build cross-cultural understanding and to develop an inclusive personality, but has also helped me in my university studies of family systems, family theories, and couple dynamics. My awareness of couple and family interactions serves me well in helping families through sensitive situations such as childbirth. Through my childbirth educator certification program, as well as my own experiences, I have learned about the heightened emotional and physical sensitivity women experience during labor and birth. I have found that my extreme sensitivity towards others enables me to effectively and lovingly support women through these heightened, new, and intense experiences.

The feeling I had after giving birth to my children was empowering. I came from the experience with belief in myself. I believed that I was strong and capable, and that with the support of those who love me, I can do anything I am required to do. 

I am eager to continue supporting mothers and their families through the life changing and empowering experience of birth. I believe that with loving support, birth can indeed be an empowering and life altering experience that can leave a woman knowing how strong and capable she truly is. I want every mother to come away from her birth experience feeling that she is strong and capable. Women can do incredible things, and the support they receive makes a difference.

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