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Katie Morris

Phone Number: (385) 424-7455

Zip: 84054

Counties: Salt Lake, Weber/Davis

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Babywearing Education, First Aid and CPR, Infant Massage Education, LGBTQIA+ Support

About Me: Why am I a doula??
Two years ago, at the beginning of 2019 I found out I was pregnant. This wasn’t a planned pregnancy but we welcomed this new journey with open hearts.

Fast forward a couple months and I am diving head first into all things pregnancy and birth related. After researching my options I came to the decision that I wanted an unmedicated birth. I just knew I wanted the endorphin high that I read about in Ina Mays books. There is nothing wrong with epidurals and I support any women’s choice to have one. I was open to the idea of getting one too, if my body needed the help. But I thought why not see if my body can do this on its own.
I had to work really hard to prepare and the resources did not come as easily as i wouldve hoped. I accomplished my unmedicated, vaginal birth on august 20th, 2019. A story I will share later on.
A fire started within me after that day. I wanted to share my knowledge and thoughts with anyone who would listen. I wanted every birthing person to feel as confident and empowered as I did going into child birth, because it matters. The prenatal care and education you receive during pregnancy effects your birth and your baby.
My hopes as I start this new adventure is to help others. Moms, dads, babies, anyone experiencing birth, pregnancy and postpartum. I want to help you, by giving you the tools to help yourself.
We as women/birthing people are birth warriors and our bodies were built to give birth. Let’s take back that power by empowering those around us!

If you would like to schedule a free consultation or have a question about doula work, please message me or email me!
I look forward to hearing from you all!
Much love, Katie

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