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Monica Wilkinson, CD(DONA), CBE

Phone Number: (801) 358-3887

Zip: 84664

Counties: Utah

Primary Service: Birth Doula

Additional Services: Birth Photographer, Childbirth Educator, Miscarriage Support, Newborn Photography, Virtual and Remote Doula Support

About Me: The things I value most in life are the real, raw, gritty, soul connecting moments I get to share with my husband, 6 kids, family and closest friends. The ones that make you think, feel deeply, grow, reevaluate, and question. I think this is partly why I love birth so much. Everything fake melts away and it is such a powerfully intimate and connecting time between couples. I love being a part of it and helping facilitate the beauty of this experience.

When we think about birthing our babies we dream, hope, plan and prepare. For most of us our emotions span a spectrum from excited on one end to terrified on the other. There are no guarantees. We access our faith and trust and move forward, one contraction at a time as we go to places inside ourselves we never knew but now see as sacred. Hallowed. Let me help you realize your dream birth through the support only a doula can offer and be there to hold your pain with you on the off chance things don't go as planned.

Please visit my website to learn more: www.utahbirthservices.com

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